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We are looking for 1 French volunteer and 2 Spanish volunteers for an accepted EVS project, wich will start in the middle of February until middle of August (6 months).

"We green it" is an EVS project for 6 volunteers from: Spain, Italy, France and Portugal, who are interested in topic of ecology. One of the criterions in the selection process is the willing to help others and increasing activity of local people as well as promoting pro-ecological attitudes.
The project will take place in Cracow and the activities will last 6 months (from February to the end of July 2017) but the whole project will last 14 months.

For French volunteer:

-> Kindergarten in School nr 24 (primary school + kindergarten)
School and pre-school complex. Nr 11 is providing complex primary education for almost 600 kids and teenagers and is ensuring effective and interesting learning process.
Age group: 5-13
Vacancies: 1
Volunteer's tasks: The volunteer will do his voluntary service in Kindergarten. Main task of the volunteer will be the support of pupils and teachers in various activities. The volunteer will be actively involved in daily school life, while promoting European citizenship, tolerance and positive attitude towards new cultures, languages and the idea of voluntary work. The activities and the schedule are flexible and will be adapted to one's interests. Further tasks: Participating in teachers activities and organizing activities and workshops for children in the day care room (educational games, sport activities, music, theater etc.) participating in excursions and different school trips and helping pupils with homework. Volunteer is obliged to write shortly reports/ notes describing their EVS experience.

For Spanish volunteers:

-> Special School nr 11 (school for disabled kids and young adults) ?
Special Educational School No. 11 is located in two buildings. It is working with children and youth with disabilities. It consists of primary school, secondary school, and vocational centre.
Age group: 5-22
Vacancies: 1
Volunteer's tasks: One of the core activities is the assistance during the classes and the support of teachers and therapists in teaching daily life competences. The suggested activities are support for children and youth in the pedagogical process under supervision of teachers, like painting, singing, computer games, music lessons etc., individual help for students during the classes and supporting teachers in preparing the classes or participating in excursions or camps. Volunteer will be asked to help during feeding and taking care of personal hygiene of students. In general, the activities will be adapted to your interests and the schedule will be arranged together. Furthermore, volunteers will have the opportunity to create their own activities.

-> Centre for Autism (school for autistic kids and young adults)
Centre for Autism is working with autistic kids and youngsters with emphasis on social skills development. It consists of kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and vocational center.
Age group: 4-25
Vacancies: 1
Volunteer's tasks: One of the core activities is the assistance during the classes and the support teachers and therapists. Volunteer will help students with manual activities, communicating with them verbally and nonverbally and actively facilitating the learning process and development of independent living skills of participants. Volunteer will be asked to help during feeding and taking care of personal hygiene of students. He/she can take part in additional activities for students, music, art or animal therapy, various city trips or organizing own workshops within the After Lessons Club. The schedule is flexible and will be arranged together. He/she will receive specific knowledge and trainings about autism, developmental disabilities and alternative system of communication.

Please send us CV and fill out THE APPLICATION FORM:
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